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How Stacy found a New Daddy on Webfuckme.com | She Decided to Fuck a Stranger She Met Online, First Fucking Him Live on Camera, and then Meeting and Fucking Her New “Daddy” in Real Life


Stacy was sitting in her cubicle, doing some work to keep herself from getting fired. As she went through the monotonous tasks of organizing files and sending emails, she began to get extremely horny. She tried not to think about it too much because it would make her even hornier but the more that she thought about what was going on under her desk, the wetter and hornier she got. Stacy knew that if this kept up for too long then there was a chance that her vagina might start deleting files!


Stacy could barely concentrate at work anymore as all of these thoughts were running through her head. The urge was becoming so strong now; every time Stacy bent over or moved around in general, she felt liquid leak out


A few weeks earlier, Stacy was feeling lonely and horny, so she decided to go on webfuckme.com for some afternoon fun. She started chatting with a guy who seemed really nice, but then he asked her if she wanted to show him what was under her dress! Shocked by the question, Stacy said no way and quickly signed off of the website.


But she couldn’t stay gone for long. She liked the attention, and so she started logging on to webfuckme.com to masturbate for free with hot amateur strangers every night.


Now back to today, Stacy came in late for work again. She had been up all night, trolling the web and masturbating like a fiend. Her pussy was so wet that it started deleting files on her laptop and she couldn't wait to get on webfuckme.com just as soon as she got off of work today!


Stacy was sitting at her desk with a look of pure desperation on her face. She had been so horny all morning that every time she got up to use the restroom, she would find herself masturbating in front of the toilet. It felt good, but it made no sense and none of her coworkers seemed to notice how wet or red her pussy was getting. It didn't matter! All Stacy wanted was some dick for lunchtime break and after work because this dry spell has been too much for even a woman as patient as Stacy. Her last boyfriend left her to go play pro-football in Europe and ever since then nothing has gone right for Stacy sexually until a few weeks ago when she found webfuckme on the Internet.com.


She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with every passing minute. She knew that she was getting close to the point of no return where her vagina would start deleting files from the server, which would just make her even hornier. She didn't like it when people told her that what she did online on webfuckme.com was slutty (especially when they were right), but this time, she needed to get off as much as possible before someone caught on and got her banned again.


But her daddy was going to be picking her up from work. How could she keep herself composed on the way home? As she waited outside after work, she started to cramp from how desperate her tight pussy was for some webcam sex. She's been waiting all day for the night to come around so she can go on webfuckme.com and meet up with some guys who are willing to have a little fun with her. They don't even need names or faces, Stacy just needs a place to stick their hard cock in until it explodes. Her pussy is begging for attention as she stands in front of the mirror examining herself from every angle looking for any imperfections before meeting one of these strangers online.


The car pulled up to the curb and my heart skipped a beat. She was in this car with her daddy, but he couldn't see her because she had something on. It felt so weird to meet him in person for the first time. We spent hours talking on webfuckme.com and now we were meeting at last! But then I realized that one way or another, it would be the last time too--either we'd hate each other or end up dating long-distance without ever meeting in person like I've done before with so many guys who live far away from where I am right now.


Stacy and her new “daddy” fucked like animals all evening, and for the first time, Stacy had finally gotten the courage to go through with actually having sex with a stranger she met online for a one night stand! She was so proud of herself. And it all started on webfuckme.com, where hot, horny, single women and men, as well as nubile, inexperienced amateur couples can go to have free online webcam video sex with other people for free -- so cum on and sign up, and maybe you’ll have a story like Stacy’s to share before long ;-)

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